She Bled Raven

What does a person say when somebody asks them about themself? Does that person describe their physical attributes? How does one do so without sounding like a ‘Call-Me-For-A-Good-Time’ commercial?
Would that person describe their personality? That would be fun for Kae. Kae described her personality in her spare time for her own personal amusement, due her unbearable abundance of time. She’s just one of those people that can never be completely truthful about themselves.
What could Kae possibly say?
“Meet Kaete Lé! Her close friend (yes, one) calls her Kae. She likes that! She’s a nineteen year-old goddess. Kaete’s got everything any woman or man could desire. She’s tall! She’s slender! Her beauty is powerful. Overwhelming, with intense green eyes and hair so raven it almost radiates darkness as it falls to her knees…
Call now for only R59.99 per hour!”
Kaete laughed at that thought. She’s hardly that vain, yet, aware she was of exactly the appealing nature of her appearance. There was hardly a way she couldn’t be – compliments were often thrown in her direction, though deflected in return. Some say a person sees their face so often they grow to no longer see their own beauty with time. Men have fought for her, but should be prepared to die for her. Knowingly, or not.
If only they knew; those disgusting, slimy, sex-driven men that stared at her. Kae could almost smell their thoughts. They reeked, being drenched in filth and desire. They ate her in their minds, while facing her with hungry eyes. It made her skin crawl. It made her angry. No. It made her murderous. She needed to feed anyway. For that, there’s no better bait than her.
Kae stared at the ceiling. Thoughts of herself were always a threat to a subconscious door she should not open. She had more significant matters upon which her thoughts should dwell. The lure of feeding had driven her mind from her woes anyway.
Now, her hunger dominated her conscious.
Kae felt around for her cellphone. She didn’t have an analogue clock hanging on her wall as most do. She hated those dreadful things. Each monotonous tick reminding her of every dreaded second of every minute of every hour of every damn day she had to endure living.
Her phone had been strewn at her feet. It was 23:09.

Kae opened her closet and sighed, basking in the glory of her beloved clothes. It’s the little things in life that count – like clothes. She sifted through the hangers, looking at each item as one would glance at a page before turning to the next. Even though Kae need not dress to impress on her feeds, looking good did make her feel comfortable. Confidence wasn’t lacking in her list of characteristics.
Kae laughed again. She could use that in her college application – “I, Kaete Lé, consider myself to be a confident woman. I believe I have that trait due to my apparent immortality.”
Yes, she could see how the admissions officer would react to that sort of writing. Talk of delusion, psychological help, and what not.
Now, Kae thought, silently closing her room behind her, she had to focus on the kill.
She walked straight to the front door, only pausing momentarily in front of the hallway mirror to check if her vest’s tag was exposed, lest her father hear her.
Kae had no idea why she took such caution to be unseen, unheard, even non-existent. There was no escaping him. She knew this, as there were no escaping her either.
Almost midnight, she began the trek to the nearby town bar. It was freezing by normal bodily standards. She had once wondered what it would be like to freeze to death.
Then Kae tried it, only to find she couldn’t freeze. She got cold, really cold. Though, she spared not even a single shiver. Frost formed on her skin and her hair had frozen solid, but never did she lose consciousness.
Her father wasn’t as amused, unfortunately. He’d pried her out of the deep-freezer two days later, and tossed her onto the kitchen floor, where he left her to thaw like a slab of steak. Oh, the glorious echo of the clunk on her impact. Bastard. He hadn’t even bothered to turn up the heat or hand her the damn hairdryer.
Anyway, Kae loved that she was oblivious to the cold. It’s for that very reason she could walk through the neighbourhood at midnight dressed in just a black vest, black skinny jeans and sneakers, at this very moment.
Kae wore not an ounce of makeup. She hated the stuff. It distracted her. It made her self-conscious.
Kae could not afford to be too self-conscious.
She needed to be aware of her prey, not herself.

Click here to read more from my budding short novel, She Bled Raven.


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